G2 carbide datasheet

industrial grade meters The unique modular approach of the Industrial Grade Meter line allows you to design a meter to match your specific application. Turbine choice depends on flowrate, line size, pressure rating, fitting type, chemical compatibility and temperature range. When choosing a G2 Series Meter, select from our wide variety of ... Tungsten Carbide Grades with Nickel Binder GC-N061 94 6 Fine 90.6 - 92.1 14.64 - 14.86 400,000 GC-N101 90 10 Fine 89.0 - 91.0 14.39 - 14.59 425,000 GC-N121 88 12 Fine 87.5 - 89.5 14.25 - 14.45 410,000 * AVAILABLE IN WIRE EDM GRADE Sinter-HIP process guaranteed Please visit our website for the latest grade specification information. G2. Japan JIS G2 Carbide for cutting tools and G2 Mechanical Properties, Chemical Element, Cross Reference, Datasheet. GPI Flomec G2 Series Precision Flow Meter, 1″ Aluminum Body, Female NPT process Connection, Local Display Part Number G2A10N09GMA The G2 aluminum flowmeters are the ideal aluminum flowmeter for measuring fuel, diesel, and other petroleum based liquids. Dura-Bar is an engineered iron that offers machining advantages over carbon and alloy steel as well as other continuous cast iron bars. By using Dura-Bar you will be able to • Tungsten Carbide Shafts ... click on the "View Entire Datasheet" button. View Entire Datasheet ... Stainless Steel Flow Meter -- G2 Series.