14046b datasheets

IS471F Processing Circuit for Light Modulation System Features 1. Impervious to external disturbing lights due to light modulation system 2. Built-in pulse driver circuit and sync. detector circuit on the emitter side 3. A wide range of operating supply voltage Applications IS471F Internal connection diagram Voltage regulator Demodulator ... Hermetically Sealed, Low IF, Wide Vcc, High Gain Optocouplers The SN65C3221 and SN75C3221 consist of one line driver, one line receiver, and a dual charge-pump circuit with ±15-kV ESD protection pin to pin (serial-port connection pins, including GND). MC14046B Phase Locked Loop The MC14046B phase locked loop contains two phase comparators, a voltage–controlled oscillator (VCO), source follower, and zener diode. The comparators have two common signal inputs, PCAin and PCBin. Input PCAin can be used directly coupled to large voltage