Bzx55c30 datasheets

BZX55C30-TAP From Vishay DIODE ZENER 30V 500MW DO35 inventory, *Inclusive of Indian Custom Duty+18.0% GST EXTRA As Applicable VISHAY BZX55..Series Document Number 85604 Rev. 2, 12-Juni-03 Vishay Semiconductors 1 94 9367 Zener Diodes Features • Very sharp reverse characteristic top mark information device bzx55c2v4 bzx55c2v7 bzx55c3v0 bzx55c3v3 bzx55c3v6 bzx55c3v9 bzx55c4v3 bzx55c4v7 bzx55c5v1 bzx55c5v6 bzx55c6v2 bzx55c6v8 bzx55c7v5 bzx55c8v2 bzx55c9v1 bzx55c10 bzx55c11 bzx55c12 bzx55c13 bzx55c15 bzx55c16 bzx55c18 bzx55c20 bzx55c22 bzx55c24 bzx55c27 bzx55c30 bzx55c33 bzx55c36 bzx55c39 bzx55c43 bzx55c47 bzx55c51 ... Order today, ships today. BZX55C30 A0G – Zener Diode 30V 500mW ±5% Through Hole DO-35 from Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation. Pricing and Availability on millions of electronic components from Digi-Key Electronics. BZX55C datasheet, BZX55C pdf, datasheet, datas sheet, fiche technique, datasheets, fiches techniques, pdf, Vishay, Z-Diodes Planaires Épitaxiales De Silicium B7680 : BCS-133-L-D-PE-001 71M6403-DB. Sierra IC Inc Strives to become the strongest link in your supply chain !