Madness combat 6 5 sprite sheet

Madness : Project Nexus Sprites Posted by UltimoTheHedgehog - March 31st, 2012. I haz dem.PM me if you want them. Comments (2) Log in to Comment. Madness Combat (Uncompressed) Original Sprites Posted by Seancglover - February 9th, 2018 Yo, will be updating this post whenever I upload more sprite sheets, so keep your eyes on this space. was going to do them all in one fla. Madness Interactive is definitely a first in a long history of past messups to sport all out blood, guts, and guns.. and actually managing to be a fun game! The game has over 20+ weapons, ranging from melee weapons like the night stick and knife (which can be thrown!) to guns like the bazooka and AK-47! we just didn't fukin know what to animate, so i asked @Thece to make a White hank, and he did it ! this is based off a Madness combat 7 parody which included a reversed color hank. 3) HOW IS PINK HANK THE ANTAGONIST ? Kote was last in Whitehank 1, and did additional scenes to it, he asked me for the ending and we had a short discussion about it.