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Jun 21, 2009 · The way to save formulas only, is to delete the cells that have fixed values keeping only the cells that have formulas, then choose the Formula display option, i.e. Excel 2003, 2000, XP, 97 click Tools > Options > View tab > Formulas. Saving a worksheet in formula view and opening it again with that view still presented. I teach an Excel class and one assignment is to save and send a workbook in formula view. Even when formula view is presented, using Ctrl + ~, and the workbook is saved the workbook goes back to normal value view when I open it to grade. The first time you save a workbook, use the SaveAs method to specify a name for the file. Example. This example saves the active workbook. ActiveWorkbook.Save This example saves all open workbooks and then closes Microsoft Excel. For Each w In Application.Workbooks w.Save Next w Application.Quit Create a formula that refers to values in other cells. Select a cell. Type the equal sign =. Note: Formulas in Excel always begin with the equal sign. Select a cell or type its address in the selected cell. Enter an operator. For example, – for subtraction. The first method is Save as button in left bar under File tab (Microsoft Excel 2010/2013) or Office Button (Microsoft Excel 2007). You can click this Save as button to save workbooks as other file types. The second methods is Save & Send button in left bar. In the middle section, you can select the Save & Send options.