Student reflection sheet on grades

Student information: Self-reflections and portfolios – 5th – 7th Grade What is a self-reflection? A self-reflection is a process in which you look back on your science work and examine the strengths and weaknesses of the work. You will be choosing samples of your science work, reflecting back on it, and putting the items in your science ... Student Reflection Questions Page 5 Categories for Reflection Questions to Consider Reflections Metacognition Questions To Help Students Think About What They Think 7. Science and Social Questions What’s the purpose for this experiment or argument? Would you elaborate on the purpose of this? What issues or problems do you see here? Reflection sheets provide kids with the opportunity to record their happy moments or cruddy moments, as well as keep notes about what they may be feeling and why. Parents can help kids reveal their mistakes and learn from them to form great habits that will last a life time. I also send the whole data portfolio binder home periodically so students can review the portfolio with their parents. Included in the Goal Setting & Data Portfolio are parent communication letters and reflection pages for home. Parents love seeing the progress their students have made over the course of the semester and year. How to Purchase