Lfe8563 datasheets

DM916110/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Physical Layer TX/FX Single Chip Transceiver48FinalVersion: DM9161-DS-F05September 10, 200810.8 Magnetics Selection GuideRefer to Table 10-2 for transformer requirements.Transformers meeting these requirements are availablefrom a variety of magnetic manufacturers. Log # 122H Re v 10-2000 Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25ÂșC) Voltage V typ Part Number Current mA typ 115 Miniature Packages Replaces Incandescent Intensity mcd LFE8583 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. LFE8583 datasheet & applicatoin notes - Datasheet Archive The Datasheet Archive Logic 74xxxx Series Data Sheets: CMOS - CD4000 Series Data Sheets: CMOS 74HCxxx Data Sheets: Diodes, Diac etc. Data Sheets: Gal's Pal's, PIC Data Sheets: Transistors Data Sheets: FET, JFET, MOSFET etc. Data Sheets: Voltage Regulators (Linear Series IC's) Optocoupler Electronics Torque Wrench Cautions 1. Do not use torque wrench to loosen tightened fasteners beyond maximum tool capacities. 2. Never use an extension unless authorized by the manufacturer. Aelta Parts Catalog . Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Purchasing Management 360 supplies parts AEL1010-1B13C, LF9402, LF9209A, LFE8953-R-CS, SP0135-5R0 from over five thousand different manufacturers, including Aelta.