Alabama department of public safety form sr 13.

Please note if you are involved in an accident that is on a State of Alabama Accident Report and the driver that is at fault does not have insurance you can file an SR-31 form. This form can be completed and mailed to the Department of Public Safety in Montgomery to claim property damage or injury in excess of $500.00 by an uninsured motorist. Sep 14, 2011 · SR-13 FAQs from the Ala Dept of Public Safety. After a motor vehicle collision in Alabama, many people find themselves having to complete an SR-13 Crash Notification Form for the Alabama Department of Public Safety (ADPS). If the Department is satisfied from such papers that the insurer was authorized to issue the policy of insurance in Texas at the time of issuing the policy and that such insurer is liable to pay such judgment at least to the extent required under Section 601.333, the Safety Responsibility suspension can be withdrawn. The Alabama Highway Patrol is a division of the Alabama Department of Public Safety and is the highway patrol agency for Alabama, which has jurisdiction anywhere in the state. It was created to protect the lives, property and constitutional rights of people in Alabama.