Like clockwork piano sheet

Play Staying Alive on Piano. ... fall asleep at the piano bench and faceplant their sheet music. ... tasks or chores we must complete every single day like clockwork. The finale title track sheds the layers of strain and torment enveloped in the dense musical textures prominent on the rest of the album. “Like Clockwork” diverges from its antecedent as a psychadelic ballad; it features a simple chord progression repeated on the piano while Homme’s chillingly beautiful falsetto soars above. When you're a father and husband, there's nothing like death to make you reassess your priorities and I imagine being a badass musician suddenly looked like a hollow pursuit. As such, Like Clockwork sounds like no other Queens record and is all the more glorious for it. Gone is the soundtrack to the apocalypse as imagined by a merry band of ... The appetizers were excellent, the drinks were actually served at 4:30pm instead for 4:50 or later sometimes and the staff was outstanding. Our bartender Maria made excellent drinks and they were delivered like clockwork by Olexander and Catherine who were exceptional servers. In Newburgh it had stopped raining. I walked down to the river, and I had to ride back to New York in a bus with a delegation of schoolteachers coming back from a weekend in the mountains - chatter-chatter blah-blah, and me swearing for all the time and the money I’d wasted, and telling myself, I wanted to go west and here I’ve been all day and into the night going up and down, north and ... I play the piano when I come home even though I am far from a pianist. The chestnut YAMAHA upright is so out of tune it's practically broken, but it draws me like a magnet. I pull out faded sheet music for Chopin's Nocturne in E-Flat Major, complete with little pink "GOOD JOB!"