Arizona tpt tax exempt form.

Airbnb started collecting taxes in Arizona in 2017 (prior to that, I collected and remitted taxes). At first I thought this was a nice feature until a guest pointed out that the tax assessed and paid was 13% of the rent and cleaning charges. DEFINITION – TRANSACTION PRIVILEGE TAX (TPT) • Retail Sale – sale to end user • End user – each state defines it differently • Special case - in AZ, a MRRA contractor is an end user • Tangible – in AZ, something that can be perceived by the senses (touch, taste, sight, sound) • Special case – in AZ, software is tangible personal Arizona Form 5000 Transaction Privilege Tax Exemption Certificate This Certificate is prescribed by the Department of Revenue pursuant to A.R.S. § 42-5009. The purpose of the Certificate is to document and establish a basis for state and city tax deductions or exemptions. It is to be filled City means the City of Tucson, Arizona, in its present incorporated form or in any later reorganized, consolidated, enlarged or re-incorporated form. Combined taxes means the sum of all applicable state transaction privilege and use taxes, all applicable transportation taxes imposed upon gross income by Pima County as NOTICE: 2020 Transaction Privilege Tax License Renewals are Coming. The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) will be sending renewal letters to businesses next month to renew their 2020 Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) License. Click here for more information. Filing and paying transaction privilege tax for out-of-state sellers available. Contractors that are registered to collect and remit TPT as prime contractors may use Form 5000 to purchase materials to be used in its taxable modification activities exempt from tax. But, due to recent changes to the DOR’s tax forms, the Form 5000 is valid for only 12 months and upon expiration of the 12 th month will no longer be valid.