Multiple sheets of plastic drilling

You want a relatively slow spindle (drill spinning) speed, as too fast may melt the plastic. Using a variable speed dremel or drill is ideal for this. You need a way to hold them though, a vise with plastic jaws, two pieces of wood with a bolt through, etc. that will hold the bead securely and keep it from spinning. Posted at 5:09pm Feb 18 ... HSS fully ground drill bit, split point - 135 degrees. Titanium coated for longer life. For drilling steel, plastic, wood and similar materials. For enhanced performance check out our Cobalt drill bit range. For drilling stainless steel, we recommend our TCT drill bits. Learn More 3-axis CNC routing works great for flat (or mostly flat) parts. But for three-dimensional parts with varying angles, multiple surfaces, little nooks and crannies, you’ll need the maneuverability and precision of a 5-axis CNC routing machine. With their multiple-axis robotic heads, our 5-axis routers can easily handle those complex plastic parts.