Laminating sheets high temp

Thermostrip DC is a highly accurate heat temperature indicator designed for use within a drying, curing, laminating or bonding process. These temperature strips are perfect for web and laminating presses, monitoring UV ink reactions, and during plastic laminating and textile processing to provide evidence of attained temperature. Clearance Thermoset Laminate Sheet Shop for Thermoset Laminate overstock, remnants, and drops. Phenolic and glass epoxy sheets ( CE Canvas Phenolic , G10/FR-4 Glass Epoxy , GPO-3 Thermoset and LE Linen Phenolic ) are dimensionally stable with good electrical properties. Epoxy laminating resin systems designed for high temperature tooling applications. Freeman 917 Economical High-Temperature Epoxy Laminating Resin 4,000 Viscosity / 52 Min. Gel Time / 92 D Shore Hardness Dragonplate high temperature carbon fiber sheets are comprised of a special carbon fiber/phenolic prepreg laminate that is formulated and processed to give excellent properties at temperatures much higher than standard epoxy products can withstand.