Flat pattern sheet metal drawings

Hints on the use of Pro-Engineer for Sheet Metal Design (based on ProE version “Wildfire 2”) 1 Philosophy As was demonstrated in the final CAD sessions of part 1A, Pro-engineer has an application dedicated to sheet metal components, with the ability to flip between the folded Nov 05, 2012 · Problem is in sheet metal multibody. I need drawings of flatt paterns with bending lines for CNC bending machine. When i have part with one body (sheet metal) in making 2d drawing i have flatt pattern option in pallete of views. There are 2 methods for creating flat patterns in Solid Works, the first is from…the part file and the second is from the drawing view.…We got a drawing here of a part that we are looking to making flat pattern for,…and before I make a flat pattern for, I want to make sure I go back to the file…and double check with the bend deduction value are set correctly, so when this part ... Start studying Sheet Metal. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... A line drawn on a flat pattern layout within the bend ... Most sheet metal features can only be added to a single body at a time. You can cut holes through multiple bodies with a single feature; How to flatten multibody parts. The default Flatten icon is not sufficient for getting an overview of multibody sheet metal parts. When pressed, it only shows the flat pattern of the first body.