Carolina oyster knives

WELCOME TO MIDDLETON MADE KNIVES. The new standard in kitchen cutlery – handcrafted by South Carolina based bladesmith, Quintin Middleton. Learn More. Apr 11, 2017 · Cracking open an oyster can be intimidating enough without a proper oyster knife. Yet there’s a certain comfort to be had when you’re holding a hand-forged railroad spike that’s been shaped into an oyster knife as ruggedly beautiful as an oyster itself. This is what the partners and makers of Carolina Shuckers oyster knives have accomplished. Oyster knives with bottle openers headed to _sportingdist in Black Ash Burl, Maple Burl and Plum Bur. Stag Sewee Shucker oyster knife I'd finished and feels great in ... When the Charleston Shucker Company says that their Carolina Craftsman oyster knife is a real showstopper, this is not just puffery. My North Carolina firm looks for singular handcrafted items for client gifts, all the better when they are made in the Carolinas. We gave Craftsmans last year, and every recipient was thrilled.