Playmaker get event info sheet

User Events: Custom events that you can use however you want. Use the Event Manager to add/edit/view Events. System Events. System events are sent automatically by Unity/PlayMaker. Many of them map to standard MonoBehaviour events. Others map to newer Unity systems (e.g. the UI System). By convention, system events are capitalized. Core Events A great tutorial series by Christopher Orth of Well Played Games. 13 videos / 4.5 hours of step-by-step "bread-and-butter" game techniques. Starts with the basics of Playmaker and builds in ... For me, Playmaker is the only thing that allows me to take my ideas from vision to reality. I tried hard to learn programming, but I just couldn't get it. Playmaker is great for visual people like me. However, if I could program, I don't think I'd ever use Playmaker, for the following reasons: You have more control when scripting yourself Nov 11, 2019 · PlayMaker Custom Actions for Unity 3, as part of the PlayMaker Ecosystem effort. This repository is not meant to be cloned for regular Unity/PlayMaker users, rather, it's a resource used to centralized PlayMaker Custom Actions, Packages, Samples and templates for Unity 4.x 8 The PlayMaker Server | 1. Introduction The PlayMaker Server PlayMaker is a multi channel, slow motion video server, that provides I-Frame ingest, synchronized slow motion replay, and editing tools. PlayMaker currently supports up to eight inpu t/output channels and can be delivered in a 2, 4, 6, or 8 channel configuration.