Link excel sheet to access

I have an excel spreadsheet with multiple sheets. I'm trying to create a sharepoint list for each sheet and when the excel spreadsheet is updated, the sharepoint is updated. It looks like you can link an access database with sharepoint but I'm struggling to find a guide to link a sharepoint with an excel. I am setting up an Excel spreadsheet which has information for individuals. Is there a way to link the individuals in the spreadsheet to any e-mails (especially multiple e-mails) received in ... Jul 25, 2014 · If you need to sync the data between Excel and Access, no matter what you edit in Excel or Access, we may try the workaround: Create a user forum in Access>Add some text box controls ( help you to add the records)> Use a macro to connect the Excel and add the records which you added in the text box controls> Refresh the linked table in Access. Install the latest Access Database Engine. Connecting to Microsoft Excel documents requires the Microsoft Access Database Engine. This is a tool provided by Microsoft that allows applications (like BarTender) to connect to Microsoft Excel and Access.