Vfp excel automation add sheet

Something like this should let you add sheets AFTER: Sheets.Add , Sheets("Sheet2"), 2 This will add "2" sheets, Sheet5 and Sheet4, immediately after Sheet2 Make sure to include the "," immediately after the Add so it skips the "Before" portion May 02, 2005 · Using VFP and calling EXCEL objects in code for automation. Everything working except attempt to SELECT a RANGE of only non-blank cells (i.e. A2:I114)... My VFP 9 application runs Excel automation. In 29 steps, a sheet is formatted in a certain way. I noticed that some steps take considerably longer time than others, and I wonder if there's other faster ways to achieve the same goal. I post the code below. The most time consuming steps are 17 (columns resizing) and 21 (add footer and page numbers). 142193 HOWTO: Use OLE Automation to Add Data to Excel Sheet ... I wanted help on Excel automation using VFP 6.0. E.g. Cell merging functions Border layouts etc. > > I see in the Book "Microsoft Automation with Visual FoxPro", that you can Add sheets by doing the following: > > If you want to add a sheet before another one, get a reference to the first worksheet: