Stk1070ii datasheet

STK672-630A-E Overview The STK672-630A-E is a hybrid IC for use as a unipolar, 2-phase stepping motor driver with PWM current control. Applications • Office photocopiers, printers, etc. Features • Built-in overcurrent detection function (output current OFF). • Built-in overheat detection function (output current OFF). All the part names for which the file STK4192II.pdf is a datasheet Planilha3 Planilha2 ABC COMP - [email protected] CONSULTE ABC COMP LISTA DE COMPONENTES CLIQUE AQUI PARA ENVIAR SEU ORÇAMENTO. 2N3375 2N3553 2N3570 The STK4102II series (STK4172II) and STK4101V series (high-grade type) are pin-compatible in the output range to 50W and enable easy design. Small-sized package whose pin assignment is the same as that of the STK4101II series Built-in muting circuit to cut off various kinds of pop noise Greatly reduced heat sink due to substrate temperature 125 ... All the part names for which the file STK4142II.pdf is a datasheet