Aptina cmos sensor datasheets

Jan 06, 2011 · The Aptina AR0330 image sensor is compared to a high-end prosumer camcorder at 900 lux, 50 lux and 20 lux. Aptina's new 1/3-inch native full high-definition (HD) 1080p60 video sensor with support ... OmniVision Technologies, Inc. is a leading image sensor manufacturer of CMOS and BSI Sensors for the Automotive, Medical Imagining, Mobile Devices, Surveillance and Drone and laptop computer industries. Aptina claims to be the leader in the CMOS image sensor market with 18.7 percent share in 2009, based on sales. In its latest announcement, Aptina rolled out two products. The 3-megapixel MT9T113 and 5-megapixel MT9P017 image sensor solutions are based on Aptina’s third-generation A-Pix technology. ASX340/MT9V139 Data Sheet For the latest data sheet, refer to Aptina’s Web site: www.aptina.com Features • Low-power image sensor with integrated image flow processor (IFP) and video encoder † 1/4-inch optical format, VGA resolution (640H x 480V) † 2x upscaling zoom and pan control † ±40 additional columns and ±36 additional rows to Jan 03, 2019 · CMOS Image Sensor Terminology. This is a collection of terms/ acronyms often found in image sensor datasheets and related technical collateral. AEC: AR0832 datasheet, AR0832 PDF, AR0832 Pinout, Equivalent, Replacement - 1/3.2-Inch 8Mp CMOS Digital Image Sensor - Aptina, Schematic, Circuit, Manual