Ewu library checkout sheets

Feb 22, 2013 · That sheet was hung on a clipboard on the wall where we could see if all had been returned. Please have each ward's librarians responsible for their own ward or assign 1 person to cover everyone. The week night sheet can just be taped to the counter if there is no library staff during the week. Honor system for check out and return. EagleNET uses EWU Single Sign-On and can also be reached directly from the InsideEWU home page. Funding for checkout equipment is made possible by the STFC grant awards, and as such is governed by RCW 28B.15.051. The Libraries and the MMC operate a loan service integrated with existing library services. Policies and procedures are jointly among the STFC and the EWU Libraries. Points: Read the article from the Easterner here As the renovation project of the Pence Union Building, or PUB, nears its completion, here is a look back at the PUB in 1970, the first year of the building’s existence. -Dylan Harris, Copy Editor Courtesy of EWU Archives, EWU 007-0583-8-3-38. Read More