Ticona lcp datasheet

TOPAS Advanced Polymers is the world’s leading maker of COC (cyclic olefin copolymer), a glass-clear and extremely pure plastic for healthcare, optics, packaging, and electronics applications. Plastic Injection Raw Material Property Datasheet including more than 310 types plastic, as ABS, PC, PC+ABS, GPPS, PS, PA66, Nylon6, PBT, POM datasheet Material Safety Data Sheet TICONA Refer to the appropriate Ticona bulletins for specific processing guidance and good manufacturing practices (purging, processing parameters, shutdown, etc.). The information contained herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We do not Meet Two or More Requirements, Vectra LCP Can Be a Solution 2013 Celanese LCP-007 AM 10/13. Vectra Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP) 34 Thank you. Questions? For Additional Information Contact: Cory Pierson, Field Technical Service [email protected] Edson Ito, Vectra LCP Technical Marketing [email protected] 2013 Celanese LCP-007 AM 10/13 ... VECTRA® A115 VF3001 NATURAL is a natural colored, halogen-free, highly crystalline, thermotropic, self-reinforcing, non-flammable, inherently flame retardant liquid crystal polymer (LCP) grade reinforced with 15% glass.