Why fm and pm are inseparable sheets

91.3 FM capital am -pm show. 28,593 likes · 8 talking about this. I love music because it soothes my mind and makes me think like a philosopher and speak... In particular, the instantaneous frequency of the PM signal is maximum when the slope of m(t) is maximum and minimum when the slope of m(t) is minimum. Example 5.17. Sketch FM and PM waves for the modulating signal m(t) shown in Figure 33a. 1 FM x t PM x t Figure 33: FM and PM waveforms generated from the same message. Example 5.18. 7 PM and digital modulation [] [] s p where 2 is the pk-pk phase change in one symbol duration, T For Digital signals the modulation index: FM signals have the same peak frequency deviation, then Modulation in radio communication means, changing a parameter of the carrier wave according to the amplitude of the modulating signal. Generally modulating signal (often audio or video) signal is of a lower frequency and known as baseband signal. Frequency modulation (FM): imposing a signal by altering the frequency - it takes a very high frequency to modulate either audio or video signals - e.g. megahertz, so it eats up bandwidth. Phase modulation (PM): modulation - by altering the phase with a desired signal - works when the