U4798 datasheet

CSD17307Q5A SLPS252A – FEBRUARY 2010– REVISED JULY 2010 www.ti.com These devices have limited built-inESD protection. The leads should be shorted together or the device placed in conductive foam Vertical Output IC LA78040N Overview The LA78040N is a vertical deflection output IC for high-definition TV and CRT displays m systems that use a bus control system signal-processing IC. This IC can directly drive (including the DC component) the deflection yoke from the sawtooth wave output from the bus control system signal-processing IC. 2SA798 Datasheet (PDF) 5.1. 2sa790 2sa791 2sa830 2sa831.pdf Size:257K _rohm. 5.2. 2sa794.pdf Size:101K _panasonic. Power Transistors 2SA0794 (2SA794), 2SA0794A (2SA794A) Silicon PNP epitaxial planar type For low-frequency output driver Unit: mm 8.0+0.5 0.1 3.20.2 Complementary to 2SC1567, 2SC1567A ? 3.160.1 Features High collector-emitter voltage (Base open) VCEO Optimum for the driver stage ... The MC4558 is a high performance monolithic dual operational amplifier. The circuit combines all the outstanding features of the MC1458 and, in addition possesses three times the unity gain bandwidth of the industry standard. ORDER CODE N=Dual in Line Package (DIP) D=Small Outline Package (SO) - also available in Tape & Reel (DT)) datasheet is designed as online documentation, so the formatting of an offline version might be less than perfect. To make a PDF of this entire datasheet including all child pages, click "Save as PDF" towards the bottom-right of this page.