Breathe carolina live full set

Watch Breathe Carolina single 'Stronger (Feat. Raven & Kreyn)' Music Video! Browse more than 20,000 videos on and find out our daily video collections. After two years spent expanding their fan base via MySpace, Breathe Carolina began growing on Facebook and worked to create a new album. David Schmitt and Kyle Even of Breathe Carolina released their second full length album after leaving Rise Records, who they recorded “It’s Classy, not Classic” with, and signing with Fearless Records. Listen to Spinnin Records - Spinnin Sessions 340 (with Breathe Carolina) - 14-NOV-2019.mp3 by on hearthi To celebrate, Friends Or Enemies Radio will be playing a new Breathe Carolina Deluxe Edition song every hour at the top of the hour for the next two days. Tune into, and from 3 pm EST today to hear. You can also listen to the full album on Breathe Carolina's AOL Listening Party HERE. Breathe Carolina now gears up to release their highly anticipated new full-length album on Big Beat / Spinnin’ Records this Fall, which lends itself to be a hybrid of their nostalgic emo roots and current day production. Breathe Carolina has taken their high-energy live performance far and wide to thousands of fans across the globe.