Plant in balance sheet meaning

Balance of plant (BOP) is a term generally used in the context of power engineering to refer to all the supporting components and auxiliary systems of a power plant needed to deliver the energy, other than the generating unit itself. There are two ways in which assets and liabilities are arranged in the Balance Sheet Balance Sheet items may be set out in order of either liquidity or permanence. Under the order liquidity the asset and liabilities are arranged according to their reusability and payment preferences. Interim Balance Sheet means the balance sheet of Seller in respect of the Hospital as of the Interim Balance Sheet Date. The Interim Balance Sheet shall be prepared in accordance with GAAP (except as provided in Schedule 5.6), applied on a basis consistent with the Baseline Balance Sheet. balance sheet test: the process of ascertaining, from a company's balance sheet, what would be available to members of the company were it to be immediately wound up, with the assets being sold and the liabilities discharged. If, on examination, the company is found to be insolvent (i.e. liabilities exceed its assets), it is an offence for the ... Balance Sheet: An example of a classified balance sheet. Balance sheet analysis The two first steps are often dropped in practice, meaning that financial ratios are just calculated on the basis of the reported numbers, perhaps with some adjustments.