Order generated colis

Wishpost order generated: Arrived at Carrier: Departed from Airport to destination country: Arrived at airport of the original country: Arrived at customs of original country: Arrived at customs of destination country: Picked up: Departure Scan: Waybill Generated: Arrive at exchange center: Collection Scan: Depart from exchange center — Merchant Order Receipt Notification, USPS Awaiting Item — The electronic shipping instructions have been received — The item is pre-advised to PostnL — Parcel Data Received — Item received from customer (XML) — Data Received — Your shipping information has been submitted to Fastway. Please allow at least 24 hours for the next update WishPost can provide integrated logistics solutions such as exclusive item collection warehouse, special line logistics and professional warehousing services to high-quality Wish merchants. WishPost can provide professional warehousing services for Wish merchants, warehousing services and integrated logistics solutions... To have the planned order generated when the sales order is [...] saved, you must have entered assembly type 1 (planned order: [...] static processing) or 4 (planned order: dynamic processing) in the requirements class in Customizing.