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Each and every website updates it manually! (Whoah!) The scorecard (ticker on TV's) of live matches are updated by statisticians and match officials according to the signal of the on-field umpire. Oct 22, 2018 · The ESPN Cricket app is the free app available for both Android and iOS smartphones. 7. Cricbuzz Cricket Scores and News. Cricbuzz is one of the most downloaded cricket streaming apps for live score and cricket news. With Cricbuzz Cricket app you will not miss a single ball. StarSat SR-90000HD EXTREME V259_09042019 Update:10-04-2019 Download Now. Continue Reading. ... Live Cricket Scores, Highlights, Cricket News, Results, And More News. Excellent call here, we use a laptop for the electronic scoreboard anyway. I would add that the laptop based software to include an offline mode. Useful for country areas or for clubs / grounds without internet access. The score can be uploaded when connection is made later. ×