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Overall, Florida’s geological history has been driven by changing sea levels, which have influenced the production of carbonate bedrock, siliciclastic input/transport, hydrology, and surface topography. During the last interglacial period, the majority of south Florida was a shallow carbonate environment with some siliciclastic input. Curtin is a leading Australian university with campuses in WA, Dubai, Malaysia, Mauritius & Singapore offering undergrad, postgrad & research opportunities. Sorting and Classifying Rocks: Geology for Kids. To do this activity, you will first need to go on a nature hunt for rocks. Nature hunts are another fun and educational activity to do with your kids. Do your best to find a collection of different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Materials for Sorting and Classifying Rocks: Geology for Kids Geology Scout's Name: _____ Geology - Merit Badge Workbook Page. 3 of 7 3. Review a geologic map of your area or an area selected by your counselor, and discuss the different rock types and estimated ages of rocks represented. Determine whether the rocks are horizontal, folded, or faulted, and explain how you arrived at your conclusion The Geology of Delaware is an online resource for information about the geology and hydrogeology of Delaware. Information on these pages is explained in general terms although common geologic terminology is used. This book covers the major important factors in Delaware geology as well as latest research.