Brz1700 1d specifications sheet

Precision Power is proud to introduce the newest generation of amplifiers, Black ICE. Over compensated high headroom power supplies are capable of producing more than conventional power gain with 2 ohm loads. Selected models accept balanced signal for the purest sound. SPECIFICATION FEATURES Construction/Mounting Narrow aluminum bezel is tightly held to code gauge steel back plate to protect the LEDs and optical area. Corners are seamless with a narrow flange to provide a refined finish and maximize the light emitting surface. Integral grid locking clips and separate suspension clips are included on Modular High & Low Bay Lighting Introducing the latest in the renowned ABV series, the Albeo® ABV3 LED luminaire improves upon an already industry leading platform to provide unrivaled value and quality that only GE can provide. BRZ1200.1D / BRZ1700.1D MONO AMPLIFIERS BRZ2100.1D / BRZ2400.1D / BRZ3000.1D PRO MONO AMPLIFIERS The line input signal is routed directly to the line output RCA’s jacks regardless of the crossover settings. The REMOTE jack allows the addition of the HFR-3 module which controls the Level..- SUBSONIC allows control from 15Hz to 35Hz