Sod lawn fact sheet

to rent or lease land for sod production, as landowners are nervous of the long-term effects of sod production in terms of depletion of topsoil. In fact sod has been produced on land in the UK over 10 years with no discernible change in the depth or quality of topsoil. Establishment There must be access to tillage equipment to establish the grass. Fact Sheet 1 Get Up, Get Out and See some Prairie. Fact Sheet 2 Fire and the Prairie. Fact Sheet 3 Identifying Tallgrass Prairie Species. Fact Sheet 4 An Owners Guide to Managing Tallgrass Prairie and Savanna. Fact Sheet 5 Looking for Help . Information Sheets. Information Sheet #1 Get Involved Download the Snowboarding Fact Sheet. Facts on snowboarding injuries. Snowboarding is a popular sport with an estimated participant growth rate of 20% per year which exceeds that of other snow sports.