Energy micro giant gecko datasheet

QSG108: Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Smart Software Quick-Start Guide Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Smart Software Quick-Start Guide This document walks you through the architecture and APIs of the Blue Gecko Blue-tooth Smart Software, which is used with the Silicon Labs’ Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart modules. The EFM32 Giant Gecko microcontroller product line provides flash configurations as large as 1024 kbytes with the added option of embedded USB connectivity. The devices offer a choice of 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024-kbyte flash-memory blocks, a RAM of 32 or 128 kbytes, and USB 2.0-compliant connectivity at 12 Mbps, integrating 2-kbyte endpoint ... Energy Micro anuncia que ha llicenciat ARM Cortex-M3 Core. Octubre de 2009 Anunci de la família EFM32 Gecko MCU. Desembre de 2009 Kit de desenvolupament per a la família EFM32 Gecko MCU. Febrer de 2010 Família EFM32 Tiny Gecko MCU. Juliol de 2010 Família EFM32 Giant-Gecko-MCU. Novembre de 2010 Anunci de l'entorn de desenvolupament ... The Giant Gecko Starter Kit is the second part of this development kit. The board contains the most energy friendly microcontroller EFM32 Giant Gecko with the most comprehensive feature set: ARM Cortex M3, 48MHz, 1024KB Flash, 128KB RAM, USB, LCD Control, Low Energy Sense, etc.. Tenergy POWER, is our online store for TENERGY that brings our products and the same support directly to customers. Whether you just need basic rechargeable batteries for your HOME, business, school, or projects we're here to help! The solar energy your home creates powers your family’s electrical usage. When the sun isn’t providing any power for your panels (like at night), your utility provides you with electricity. During the day, if your system is creating more power than your home needs, the extra energy goes into your utility’s power grid.