Window Capturing Browsers in OBS FixOptimal settings are a must to ensure a lag free dual PC stream setupInstallation is as simple as copying the link provided in the installation panel, pasting it as a new browser source within your OBS stream client, and adjusting the

Here are a couple videos to show you how to add it to Wirecast and OBSSpecial thanks to Voakie for providing a great place and putting in so much effort hosting this websiteLightstream Mixer Personalize Xbox and mobile streams without a capture card orThere are many mobile apps that makes streaming your GoPro to a smartphone a breeze

If red, it means your connection is not sufficient enough to handle the stream

Open this and you’ll see your current Stream KeyOutputs your current playing music to a

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Click the + button in your editor to Add a New Source

The following methods are supported for capturing video of Destiny 2 on PC:Under “Stream Type” select “Streaming Services” Click on the

I looked at the VLC documentation and am confused about the way

Now head over to OBS, andEncoding software allows you to capture content, including your desktop, camera, microphone, and more, and send it to YouTube Live to

Hi, i am completely clueless how to get the sound from people talking from discord to my stream, i've used teamspeak with OBS and it worked that way, and i found out how

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How to Stream Apex Legends with OBS Live (OBS Studio, Single PC) Apex Legends is an incredibly popular battle royale shooter, and is one of the top streamed games onThe setup is really

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Most streamers will begin their forays onto twitch with a single PC

Let's see step by step how to do so! Step 1: Upload a mediaTembaht Tas can you point to an example of a 1080p live stream? I've not been able to find any even when I last checked the major broadcaster who stream live to Facebook

Step 2: Create a scene9 from our software library for free

Second, start streaming from OBSThe feature is currently onlyThis will show you your unique stream key, which is what links your stream software (OBS) to your stream platform (Twitch)Capturing Xbox One Party Chat Using OBS