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ICC World Cup 2019: Jofra Archer is the fastest bowler I have faced, says England teammate Moeen Ali Archer catapulted himself into the England squad on the eve of the World Cup and had only made ... Fast bowlers are those who bowl at more than 87 mphr ( 140 kmphr). The fastest bowler among the current lot are Varun Aaron from India and Milne from NZ, who bowl at close to 150 kmph or 93 mph. The fastest bowl recorded to be bowled by Varun Aaron is 153 kmph or 95 mph. The Fastest bowlers of all time in cricket history of the world are praised with surprise. More or less the fastest bowlers of cricket are the key momentum in winning any match. The dignity of the fastest bowlers of cricket is significant to the cricket lovers. Fast bowlers are most famous for their bowling actions. Jan 29, 2014 · This doesn't tell about the fastest ball but says that Goswami was among the fastest. I have even read somewhere that she can bowl faster than some of our Indian male "fast" bowlers. Regards. Fast-medium is a pace bowler who bowls slightly slower than a true 'express' fast bowler and relies more on seam and swing to get his wickets. Virtually all international pace bowlers (ie not spinners) are 'fast-medium' with only the odd true 'fast' bowler playing today.