Leatherback turtle hatching costa rica

Sea Turtle nesting in Costa Rica is an incredible natural event that will be a highlight of your vacation – for both adults and children. Just as human opposites meet here, mate and never really say goodbye, so too do the turtles, who somehow always return to the same Costa Rica shores. At the Matapalo Conservation, volunteers are key to the preservation of the sea turtle species native to Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. What You’ll Do Sea turtle conservation – As a volunteer with us, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in the entire turtle hatching process. Hi Nipper, We're in the same boat - I'm planning to visit Costa Rica during February 2019, hoping to spot some turtle nesting / hatching. Reading many old reviews, but every now and then I came across some recent commentary. The Trip: Turtles and Rainforest 8-day Costa Rica Tour The Pacuare Nature Reserve , or Reserva Pacuare, was established by the Endangered Wildlife Trust in 1989 and protects 800 hectares of lowland tropical rainforest and 6 km of deserted beach on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. In Costa Rica, it is illegal for people to take sea turtle eggs from the beaches, or to poach or hunt the female sea turtles. Most national parks and nesting beaches in Costa Rica are protected by national park service guards and community volunteers to prevent these thefts. The Ostional National Wildlife Refuge is the one exception. Sea Turtle Conservancy’s Eco-Volunteer Adventure program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hands-on with sea turtles in beautiful Tortuguero, Costa Rica. This year’s Leatherback Eco-Volunteer Adventures begin March 23 rd .