Child vaccination sheet

May 07, 2011 · By the time our children are one year old, the CDC recommends 26 vaccine doses be administered to them, The United States vaccination schedule means that babies in the United States get more vaccine doses than any other babies in the entire world, Babies in the United States also have an infant mortality rate that ranks 34 th in the world, The Washington State Childhood Vaccine Program provides publicly purchased vaccines to participating providers for all children less than 19 years of age. The program supplies all vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and eliminates or reduces cost barriers to receiving vaccinations. Vaccines are held to very high safety standards because they are given to millions of healthy people—including infants and children—to help prevent diseases. Because of this, they go through years of safety testing and are continually monitored for safety concerns. And every batch of vaccines is tested for quality and safety. 14 Mar 06, 2008 · "The vaccines that are given to children in the U.S. are nearly thimerosal free," says Schuchat. "All but the flu vaccines that are given to young children do not contain thimerosal. Some formulations of flu vaccine are thimerosal-free and some are not. So the pediatric vaccine supply is nearly thimerosal-free.