Cosmetology client record sheet

End of day and weekly cleaning not required for "Non-Whirlpool Foot Basin" or "Tubs", defined as any basin, tub, footbath, sink and bowl – and all non-electrical equipment that holds water for a client's feet during a pedicure service. Summarize the origin and advancements of cosmetology. Identify various career options within cosmetology. Follow competency procedures. Explain how to secure required license. Gathering Client's History. List client's personal information and factors that could affect the service. Record client's medical history to ensure client's health and ... Body Art CE Sign in Sheet 12. License Reinstatement (> 6 months expired) 13. Duplicate Practitioner License 14. Body Art Facility Renewal 15. Duplicate Facility License. 16. NEW Body Art Apprentice Client Log 16.a Body Piercing Advanced Procedures Log 16. b. Client Record Form 17. Establishment Application 18. Trainer Application 19.