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The Financial Formula Calculation Templates for Excel give the resources of an interactive and portable MBA reference guide. Armed with these templates, the user is able to solve the most common financial problems that you encounter on a daily basis. In one integrated Excel workbook, the user can ... The following ABC Formula/Conversion Tables are available in PDF format by selecting the links below. Formula/Conversion Tables may be reproduced with written permission from ABC. Water Treatment, Distribution, Water Laboratory Analyst: 2017 Edition Serving the United States & Canada. 2013 Edition Serving the United States How can I do this Excel formula in C#: =MOD(-1.779406909, 2 * PI()) Hi jrahma, MOD() function r eturn the remainder after number is divided by divisor in excel. the result has the same sign as divisor. 100% Free from side effects Suitable for diabetics, high blood and heart patients! Men are taught to be prideful and high on ego, so when a man have slight erectile problem or ED, it was hard to accept and worst to cope with it! We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.