Celery experiment lab sheet

Picture should show a green celery stalk with green leaves. Draw a picture of the celery several hours after you placed it in the water. Picture should show colors in the celery stalk tubes and leaves. Describe how the celery stalk changed. After placing the celery stalk in colored water for several hours, the stem and leaves started to change ... The students will be provided their group labels at their table and their celery lab sheet. I lead groups through the scientific method. Observe and ask questions - Groups are at the table, they have two pieces of celery, water, food coloring, and a tall clear plastic cup. CELERY LAB - Structure and Function of a Plant READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING! YOU MAY WORK WITH A PARTNER ON THIS ACTIVITY, BUT YOU MUST COMPLETE YOUR OWN LAB SHEET! Plants are incredible organisms! They can make all their own food from the simple inputs of: sunlight carbon dioxide water sbsciencematters.com This teacher sheet will provide some background information on the experiment along with the answers to the pre- and post-lab questions the students will receive. Background Information. The Polka-Dot Celery experiment introduces students to the vascular system of a plant.