Ccw 500r datasheet

CCW MiraDRAIN 9000 is designed for use in horizontal plaza, roof deck and between-slab drainage applications where single-sided subsurface drainage is required. CCW MiraDRAIN 9000 also serves as a protection course when used in conjunction with CCW Waterproofi ng Membranes. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Manufactured at an ISO 9001:2000 Facility Materials:CCW 500R Liquid Applied Hot Rubberized Asphalt Notice to the Reader : The roofing assembly / material information published in the RCABC Roofing Practices Manual and offered below does NOT represent a complete set of the manufacturer’s data or specifications. 07 55 56.13 – CCW 500R Green Roof Waterproofing REV031009 A. Moisture Retention Mat – CCW 300HV (16 oz/yd2) is a polypropylene non-woven needle- punched fabric that is stabilized to resist soil chemicals, mildew, and insects and is non- biodegradable. It is available in rolls 12.5' in width by 200' in length. CCW-702 and 702LV Product Data Sheet (PDS/TDB) Quick-drying, solvent based, high-tack adhesives specifically designed to promote maximum adhesion of Carlisle 725TR Air and Vapor Barrier to approved substrates.