4x8 sheet fit in a dodge minivan

Van City RV is the name you can trust. Please allow us the time to prove it to you. We will see you soon to begin your newest adventure! Still a little hesitant? You can ease your mind by visiting us on Google Review’s (Las Vegas, NV, Kalispell, MT, St Louis, MO, and Colorado Springs, CO), Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Hi Blaze, I revamped a old 20 ft Vicount..They leak like mad.. I went to the caravan place and they gave " sold" me this "CARAVAN SEAL" and it turned out to be crap. went hard and took a lot to get off..Went to bunnings and got a good 25 year silicon plummers use ..Started of with a good clean and made sure it was dry.. used a little. 4 years on , not a drop gets in. It was noted today that the new Pacifica minivan can hold up to 32 sheets of 1/2 inch 4x8 plywood and still remain under the load capacity - for what that's worth. #8 Stratuscaster , Feb 11, 2016 DC-93 , UN4GTBL , somber and 2 others like this. Aug 22, 2007 · length wise you can ,but width wise i think it will hit on the side a little,but you can still haul it if you want to,they are roomy ,just little short on width though,but i have seen people with all kinds of things in that back of those even some with small canoe boats in them,good luck.