Exempt timesheets

If you are a non-exempt salaried employee who fills out a timesheet each week, the hours on your timesheet must at least equal your scheduled hours or your time sheet will not forward for approval. First, check to make sure your timesheet hours equal your schedule. The use of electronic timesheets in place of paper ones was implemented for exempt employees in the period from mid-February through mid-April of 2010, and for non-exempt and hourly employees from mid-March through mid-April 2011. Non-Exempt Paper Timesheets December 2019 Non-Exempt . January 2020 Non-Exempt . February 2020 Non-Exempt . March 2020 Non-Exempt . April 2020 Non-Exempt . A bi-weekly timesheet is specifically designed for a time period of two weeks. Users can find bi-weekly timesheet template in Word, Excel and PDF files, available for ready download with us. The bi-weekly timesheet templates we provide are designed by experts and can be used by any organization. You can see also sheet templates. Exempt Employee’s Timecard. Starting Kronos Enter the URL to access Kronos: https://www.kronos.utah.edu. Select the Employee Time Entry link. Enter your UNID as the User Name. Be sure to use a lowercase “u”. Enter your password. To reset or find the default password, go to gate.acs.utah.edu . Hit Enter or click on the Log On button ... Dec 26, 2019 · HBS Timekeeping System Luke Hones on December 26, 2019 HBS is an online time and attendance system from Huntington Business Systems, for use by all academic and administrative staff (exempt and non-exempt employees) who earn leave.*