Crested gecko care sheet humidity forecast

Oct 04, 2019 · Humidity. As with all New Caledonian geckos, the chahoua gecko requires high humidity levels. Most keepers keep the chahoua gecko’s tank even more humid that the Chahoua gecko’s. A humidity level anywhere between 55 to 75% should be good enough for the chewie. Crested Geckos are an arboreal (tree dwelling) species of gecko that originate in the South Pacific on a small island called New Caledonia. Housing: -Vertically taller enclosures are ideal for the crested gecko since they do live in trees, decorating with plants and vines will make them feel more at home. Jan 12, 2015 · Basic care for the crested gecko! Crested Gecko Care Sheet: Housing: babies should be kept in a smaller enclosure such as a 5 gallon terrarium or a plastic keeper. As an adult, a single crested ... Always provide your crested gecko with clean fresh drinking water; tap water is fine, although there are water treatments available if you doubt your water quality. Some crested geckos prefer drinking from water droplets on foliage in the tank so it is a good idea to routinely spray the foliage in the tank every other day or so. The most common types of plants used in reptile cages are Ficus or Pothos. Both types of plants do very well in the humidity and lighting that geckos require. The substrate that we use is paper towels. Dirt substrate is usually recommended by other crested gecko keepers as it hold humidity well.