Praxair acetylene msds sheet

Safety regulations are generally governed first and foremost by local legislation. We have prepared a wide range of safety data sheets. Please be aware that you may need to supplement the contents of these data sheets with the most up-to-date local regulations and legislative guidelines governing safe use of our products. We offer acetylene gas (C 2 H 2) in a variety of purities and packages. See the chart below and download the spec sheets and safety data sheets for more information on buying acetylene gas from Praxair. Praxair Technology, Inc. ... Praxair Material Safety Data Sheet 1. Chemical Product and Company Identification ... Acetylene, dissolved (MSDS No. P-4559-K) Trade ... Praxair pamphlet P-15-288, Safe Handling and Storage of Dry Ice, available from your local supplier. Refer to section 16 for a list of other available publications. For further information on storage, handling, and use, see Praxair publication P-14-153, Guidelines for Handling Gas Cylinders and Containers. Obtain from your local supplier. 8.