Army rotc scholarship interview sheet sample

The interview is conducted by the AROTC admissions officer who will ask you questions and will answer any questions you may have about Army ROTC and the pursuit of an Army commission. The interview can be either telephonic or in person depending on distances involved. Army ROTC awards hundreds of scholarships, available at over 600 schools. Army ROTC scholarships pay full tuition and required fees. They’re awarded on merit – like academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal interviews. ROTC SCHOLARSHIP INTERVIEW SHEET College Scholarship Preparation Sheet Name of Cadet (Last Name, First Name, Ml) Grade & LET Level Height Weight Name High School, Address, and Phone Name of Senior Army Instructor & Phone Number DIRECTIONS FOR USE: All JROTC Cadets (beginning of the Freshman year) will use this College Scholarship Preparation ... Click here for the Scholarship Physical Fitness Test form. You can scan and e-mail these documents into [email protected] or fax to 502-624-1120. STEP 3: Conduct the scholarship interview. Schedule an appointment to conduct your scholarship interview. Call 509-963-3520 to schedule your interview at CWU Army ROTC Hello, I'm applying for both an AFROTC and NROTC scholarship, and I'm beginning to worry about the interview needed for each of these. I've heard that after the candidates have been "filtered" using test scores/other objective criteria, the interview is the most important factor in deciding who is given full tuition scholarships.