Caplus database summary sheet for third

The customer must obtain database producer's specific written permission for any further uses of search results obtained for third parties, particularly for the transmission of search results in electronic form or their distribution in hardcopy, e.g. sale, loan, license, or free charge. Jun 06, 2013 · A Summary worksheet calculates the total of data that's on different worksheets in an Excel 2013 document. Create a Summary tab just like you would any other tab, and then create a Master Sum formula. As an only representative (whether you are the actual supplier or not) you have a duty to keep records of the supply of the updated safety data sheet For a substance contained in an imported article , you may have an obligation under certain conditions, to notify ECHA within six months of its import Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) provides the most widely distributed and best known chemical databases in the world. They offer their main substance (File REGISTRY) and main literature database (File CAplus) on many different platforms, both third-party systems and ones they are directly involved in. STN is an online database service that provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties, and other data. With STN, find precisely the patent and sci-tech information needed to make business-critic I have Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4. I want the formula i.e. if I enter any value in Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4 in Column E, then it should match that value with Sheet1 Column A, In case of value match, the data value of sheet1 should be copied to all other sheets.