Nalco colloidal silica data sheet

Nalco Water has Ultra-high purity waterglass based nanoparticles for silcon wafer polishing in a broad range of particle sizes, size distributions, and concentrations designed to be stable across a broad pH range. | Nalco Water Nalco Water offers products and programs for the investment casting industry including colloidal silica binders, polymers, wetting agents, antifoams, wax cleaners, biocides and refractories. Al2O3 Nyacol Colloidal Alumina . NYACOL® offers colloidal alumina in the form of water based sols, EG sols, and spray dried powders. The alumina is in the form of boehmite or pseudo-boehmite with high purity and high surface area. Please refer to the product data sheets for individual product details. Nalco is the pre-eminent water and process treatment provider to the chemical industry, with more than 75 years of relevant experience. One of the ways that we are reducing water use at Clearing is by reusing process water. As a result, we have been able to expand colloidal silica manufacturing while using less water per ton. In addition, Clearing installed a water reclamation system that takes wastewater from the colloidal process and treats it for reuse.