Trilon m granules msds sheets

The Trilon M types boost the performance of highly alkaline formulations. The Trilon M types can also be employed in acidic formulations. The Trilon M types do not decompose even at an extreme pH. Corrosion The Trilon M types stabilize polyvalent metal ions, which means that they can increase the rate at which metals dissolve. Trilon® M Liquid T is an aqueous solution of the trisodium salt of methylglycinediacetic acid (Na3MGDA). It finds application in detergents, cleaning, textiles, soap, metal plating, oil and gas, and water-softening products. Trilon M liquid is readily biodegradable. Steel cleaned with Trilon® M Liquid in the slightly alkaline range, which is the optimum pH range for Trilon® M Liquid, is much less prone to corrosion than if it is cleaned with acids. Corrosion in connection with Trilon® M Liquid is limited to surface abrasion. Lo- View detailed Import data, price, monthly trends, major importing countries, major ports of trilon m under HS Code 29224990