Transistor 2n2904a datasheet

motorola small–signal transistors, fets and diodes device data 5 package dimensions notes: 1. dimensioning and tolerancing per ansi y14.5m, 1982. 2. controlling dimension: inch. 3. contour of package beyond dimension r is uncontrolled. 4. dimension f applies between p and l. dimension d and j apply between l and k minimum. lead dimension is ... Bipolar Transistors Specifications and replacement Cross Reference Database transistor Data sheet. Sorted in alfanumerical order: 2N PNP SILICON PLANAR SWITCHING TRANSISTORS 2N2904A 2N2905A TO-39 Switching And Linear Application DC to VHF Amplifier Applications ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS DESCRIPTION SYMBOL 2N2904A, 05A UNIT Collector -Emitter Voltage VCEO 60 V Collector -Base Voltage VCBO 60 V Emitter -Base Voltage VEBO 5.0 V Collector Current Continuous IC 600 mA