Scl 4081 datasheet

Offer SCL4049UBE SCL from Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited.IC Chips The reference ratios include 15/4096 and 4081/4096 of the external reference voltage, accurate to 15 bits, and 1/2V+ and 5/8(V+ - V-), accurate to 8 bits. The external reference voltage as well as ground can also be switched to the output. The MAX4539/MAX4540 have enable inputs and address latching. All digital inputs The HEF4081B is a quad 2-input AND gate. The outputs are fully buffered for highest noise immunity and pattern insensitivity to output impedance variations. It operates over a recommended V DD power supply range of 3 V to 15 V referenced to V SS (usually ground). GT911 provides a standard I2C interface for SCL and SDA to communicate with the host. GT911 always serves as slave device in the system with all communication being initialized by the host For more information on the CTP controller IC, please see the GT911 datasheet which can be found only during SCL low. Changes during SCL high are reserved for indicating Start and Stop conditions. 2.2 Serial Clock (SCL) The SCL input is used to synchronize the data transfer to and from the device. 2.3 A0, A1, A2 Chip Address Inputs The A0, A1 and A2 pins are not used by the 24AA02E48. They may be left floating or tied to either VSS or VCC.