Grannom patterns

We like to tie flies. We like to catch fish on the flies we tie. Our goal is to publish fly recipes and patterns that our club members, the local fishing guides, and our friends tie and use. Hope you tie and use all or some of the flies listed on the right side of […] The black-hackled parachute emerger has no pupal wing cases. I thought too that a “Cul de Grannom” variation on Gwilym Hughes Cul de Canon should dangle nicely and may be worth trying and so, with some deer’s hair and CDC, made some of those as well – the body for this pattern is the same as the parachute emerger. Swinging flies is a blast and when I find the right situation it’s game on. Typical Spey fly patterns are way too big for Pennsylvania trout. So I have been working out some trout sized patterns with the same lifelike qualities as their big brother steelhead and salmon patterns. Feb 08, 2013 · Materials Used; Hook, Size 14 Light Grub Hook Thread, Dark Brown Uni-8/0 Rib, Sparton Tackle Clear Wrap Coloured with a Green Pen Body, Grey and Olive Dubbing Underwing, Grey Coq de Leon Thorax ... A heavy caddis pupa for grannom hatches. Many streams across the US are home to a species of bright chartreuse bodied net-spinning caddis. This caddis pattern imitates those plentiful larvae. We prefer to use this bright nymph as an anchor fly in our nymphing rigs.